ronky on the issues



Championing Individual Liberties and Personal Freedoms

I am committed to vigorously protecting the civil liberties that are fundamental to all Pennsylvanians. I believe in safeguarding freedoms such as speech, privacy, and the right to bear arms, all while maintaining a necessary balance with public safety. Recognizing the importance of individual and economic freedom, I also advocate for reducing unnecessary regulations that stifle personal choices and hinder business innovation. This approach aims to create a more inclusive, prosperous, and free Pennsylvania, appealing to values that resonate across the political spectrum.

Promoting Economic Freedom and Fiscal Responsibility

My campaign advocates for a tax system that’s simpler, fairer, and designed to boost economic growth and job creation while ensuring essential services are well-funded. I aim for a state budget that’s transparent, accountable, and prioritizes spending on essential services, with a goal to eliminate wasteful expenditure and avoid burdening Pennsylvanians with debt. Additionally, I support creating an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, through sensible deregulation and ensuring equal opportunities for all businesses. 

Education Reform

I am dedicated to ensuring every child in Pennsylvania, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, has access to quality education. I am focused on empowering families and communities to choose the best educational paths for their children, including options like charter schools and vouchers. My initiative seeks to remove barriers to education, create a more equitable system, and direct resources effectively by ending excessive benefits for school superintendents and public employees. Education should be accessible and tailored to every child’s needs. This will lay the foundation for a brighter future for all Pennsylvanians.

Criminal Justice Reform

My campaign is dedicated to transforming the criminal justice system into one that prioritizes fairness and rehabilitation over incarceration for non-violent offenses, particularly decriminalizing the addict. By advocating for the decriminalization of victimless crimes, I aim to reduce unnecessary incarcerations and allow law enforcement to focus on combating violent crime. Additionally, I am pushing for judicial reforms to protect the rights of the accused and support the reintegration of non-violent offenders into society. These steps are crucial for building a justice system that is just, efficient, and capable of fostering safer communities across Pennsylvania.

Environmental Responsibility

My approach champions a balance between environmental stewardship and property rights, advocating for voluntary conservation and sustainable practices by individuals and businesses. I believe in harnessing innovation and market-based solutions to tackle environmental challenges, promoting the development of clean, sustainable energy without heavy-handed government intervention. This strategy aims to empower the private sector in leading environmental progress, marrying economic growth with environmental sustainability for a greener, more prosperous Pennsylvania.

Healthcare Freedom

I will advocate for healthcare reforms that enhance choice, competition, and transparency in the system, aiming to lower costs and improve the quality of care for all Pennsylvanians. My approach is rooted in the belief that increased options and clear information empower individuals to make the best decisions for their health and financial well-being. Furthermore, I stand against the imposition of blanket healthcare mandates that overlook individual needs and circumstances. By opposing one-size-fits-all solutions.

Integrity in Government Initiative

I propose a stringent gift ban that prohibits any form of gift from lobbyists and special interest groups to members of the General Assembly. This comprehensive plan includes not only a ban but also robust transparency measures, stringent penalties for violators, mandatory annual ethics training for legislators, and enhanced protections for whistleblowers.I am dedicated to ensuring that legislative decisions are driven solely by the best interests of the constituents, free from corruption and bias.

Promoting Accountability Through Term Limits

I am passionately advocating for a crucial initiative to implement term limits within the State Senate and State House to curb career politics and rejuvenate our governance. I propose a constitutional amendment that would limit State Senators to two 4-year terms and State Representatives to four 2-year terms, ensuring that no one serves more than 8 years in each capacity. This initiative is designed to prevent the consolidation of power, foster the introduction of fresh perspectives, and enhance political engagement by ensuring regular opportunities for new candidates. By championing term limits, I am committed to breaking the cycle of long-term incumbency that can lead to stagnation and corruption, thereby promoting a more dynamic, accountable, and responsive legislative process.

Defend the guard

My campaign will champion the passage of the Defend The Guard legislation, a movement driven by our unwavering respect and compassion for the men and women serving in our National Guard. This pivotal legislation seeks to ensure that our National Guard members are not placed in combat without a formal declaration of war by Congress, a requirement deeply rooted in our Constitution. Through this initiative, I stand firmly for the rights and safety of our soldiers, safeguarding the principles of our Democratic Republic and the core American values of justice and liberty. My commitment is to defend our nation while prioritizing the well-being and security of those who serve. Join me in this crucial campaign to protect our service members and uphold the constitutional safeguards that define our nation.